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Membership fees are paid annually on the anniversary date a membership was purchased.  Rates for membership are shown below:

  • Youth $10

  • Individual $25

  • Families $35

  • Corporate Sponsors $100

Members receive quarterly electronic copies of the Drawknife newsletter, which includes educational articles, stories on hunting, and outdoor cooking.  In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in members only events such as the Members Campout in June and the Fall Encampment in October.

As a reminder when youth turn 18 they are required to purchase an individual membership.

New members:

       Please be patient with us as we are creating a new members database. Applications for new members will resume at OJAM. Thanks       

Existing members only need to pay their membership dues online

at the Shop.  No application required!

New Member Online Application

New members who want to pay online should submit this form and then select the "Shop" button in the menu.  Select the membership type, add it to your cart, and checkout.

Type of Membership Desired
Method of Payment

Thanks for submitting!

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